3D Printed Epi Injector < $10 dollars 

Version 1.3 just out. More ergonomic and robust syringe holder, locking mechanism to prevent loss of base, improved needle bracket. See the 3D video of the design on the right.


A new update is out. We took your constructive criticism that the device was too complex, big, and fragile. The team worked over the weekend. We have simplified the design, eliminated 2 parts, and made it even cheaper, stronger, and smaller!

Check it out.

Why design a 3D Printed Epi Injector?

When the EpiPen skyrocketed to $600 we were shocked just like you. Our Team started thinking there must be a better way to solve this problem. In only 6 days we dreamed, designed and 3D printed the new Epi Injector solution which costs less than 10 dollars for all components. All the non printed components you need to complete your DIY 3D Printed Epi Injector can be purchased on Amazon. With a Doctors prescription can get you the 1cc Epinephrine (1:1000) Ampule you need for about $4.


Best part is that our simple 3D printed activation container is FREE! (Ok..the design is free. Someone still has to print the device for you. But its OPEN SOURCE; so really smart people can improve and evolve the print to something better and more exciting.) Downloadable instructions link will be available soon on Instructables. 


The design is simple and based on the ancient Egyptian method of moving heavy stone blocks to great heights. Our simple incline is the perfect way to snap open a 1cc Glass Epinephrine (1:1000) Ampule. With a simple shake the fluid can be easily freed and drawn into the syringe. The fragile glass ampule is protected from damage and always available for use. 

Updates to the print will follow as the design evolves and other creators work and improve the print.


Disclaimer: If you download and use; you do so at your own risk. It could fail. (but its not $600). Also this is open source so if you improve the print make sure you share those improvements with everyone else for free.

Here are photos of a prototype printing and some examples of printed prototype evolution.



Assembly of your 3D Printed Epi Injector is quick and easy once you have collected the peices and printed the container.

Step 1

Remove the 3D Printed Epi Injector Activation Container base and place the 1cc Glass Epi Ampule into the base, flat bottom down. Then feed the Ampule and container base into the main container, tip down,  and secure the safety locking mechanism.

Step 2

Place 22G needle in holder and 1cc slip tip in its holder


 Thats it. You're ready to go!

How to Use the 3D Printed Epi Injector.

Step 1

Remove 1cc syringe and place in bottom hole.

Step 2

Remove the saftey mechanism on the 3D Printed Activation Container and press down on the plunger. Then gently shake the whole device to free up the liquid in the ampule. 

Step 3

Withdraw on the 1cc Syringe to pull 0.3 cc of Epinephrine (1:1000) into the syringe chamber.

Step 4

Pull the syringe out of the container and place syringe into needle and pull the needle out of the sheath.


You should practice the above steps with your 3D Printed Epi Injector. Obviously dont inject Epi into your thigh but at least work with the peices so that you will feel comfortable in an Emergency situation. You should feel comfortable assembling and disassembling the Injector as well as placing the ampule within the container.

What about the Glass Ampule? Doesnt it Shatter? 


This is what you need to collect in order to build your own 3D Printed Epi Injector <$10 (assembly required). You can do a quick Google search to find these items. There may be better and cheaper places to buy each item than I've listed below. You can look around and find the best deal if these are the best fit for you. Additionally many of the items are sold in packs of more than one item, so team up with friends to share the cost.

3D Printed Epi Injector Activation Container

Download the Epi Injector Design Here:

Cost = FREE (Ok...for design. You'll need to find someone to print it, but its cheap!)

1cc Syringe - Slip Tip

($2.27 / Syringe)


22g Needle 1.5 in. long

($0.09 / Needle)


1 Glass Ampule of Epinephrine 1:1,000

($4.45 / Ampule)

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