Fistbump Vs Handshake

Dr. McClellan came up with this idea after talking to a Infectious Disease specialist and Hospitalist in the parking lot of his local hospital in West Virginia. Could we reduce infection transmission by reducing surface area and time of contact. Actually yes we could. We were the first in the world to publish this simple idea. It went Viral and then Global! 

Interview requests poured in from all over the world. The press went nuts. There were lots of laughs, sneers, and doubts from medical professionals.

But then a funny thing happened, other researchers started to study the idea as well. Slowly accross the globe researchers began to prove that our ideas were correct. 

UCLA and a University in the UK confirmed our findings that reduced surface area reduces infection. Then the amazing happened; the  Jounal of the American Medical Association ( JAMA) made the following statement:


"Given the profound and pervasive social/cultural role of the handshake, any effort to restrict the handshake from the health care setting should consider practical and infection-conscious alternatives, along with extensive educational programs and appropriate signage, such as: “Handshake-free zone: to protect your health and the health of those around you, please refrain from shaking hands while on these premises.” - JAMA August 2014


Its Crazy where a simple conversation can lead. Were not afraid to pull the string until the end and may have raised awareness as to the importance of handwashing along the way. This is why we love to think outside the box.



Original Academic Paper in Journal of Hospital Infection


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