IV3000 Finger Tip Dressing

The fingertips are the most frequently injured portion of the hand. An estimated 6 million emergency room visits and 12 million office visits for hand injuries occur each year. Annually, hand injuries account for approximately 90 million days of restricted work activity and 16 million days of missed work. The yearly cost of hand injuries to American society is approximately 10 billion dollars.

It is critical to maintain length and range of motion when dealing with fingertip injuries. There are a number of flaps and grafts that can be used to treat distal finger injuries. However most of these leave the patient with pain, scaring, and loss of function.


Our team has developed a protocol to repurpose the semipermeable IV dressing into and amazing fingertip salvage miracle. The Moisture Vaper Transmission Rate (MVTR) of the IV3000 creates a healing mileau that retains natural healing growth factors while preventing maceration.

This dressing allows the patient to immediately go back to work, continue with activities of daily living, and have outstanding outcomes from significant finger trauma. 

His "out of the box" protocol and research is the best finger tip dressing on the market and costs the patient only $0.32 per IV3000! Our abstract was selected for podium presentation at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles; the largest plastic surgeon meeting in the world.

See his presentation below.



Published Academic Paper

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How to Apply the Dressing

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