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Intermed Partners Presents ScarChargr+ Technology at the American College of Surgeons 2019 National Meeting in San Francisco

It was another exciting week for Intermed Partners as ScarChargr was presented at the 2019 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress in San Francisco. Ian McCulloch our 4th year medical student researcher, presented the podium lecture titled "Tribocharged Silicone Dressing for Scar Modulation" to a crowded room of leading surgeons and scientists from Stanford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins. 


Several questions came from the audience regarding the potential applicability of the product to pediatric populations and the clinical need for a product that connect patients to their scarring outcome. Dr. Michael Longaker, of Stanford Plastic Surgery and Stanford Bio-X asked whether tribocharging silicone while reducing wound tension might have compounding benefits. "Absolutely" stated McCulloch, "...think of this concept as all of the benefits of silicone with the added advantage of an ideal electrical charge at the wound site. We aren't reinventing the wheel, we're just giving the wheel a charged silicone tire". This was Ian's second time presenting work on the national stage for Intermed Partners highlighting the educational opportunities that are provided to our student researchers from WVU School of Medicine. 

Intermed Partners is excited to continue to mentor WVU medical students with our projects, build experience in translational research and publish at a national level. We applaud the work of all speakers at this year's Scientific Forum and look forward to continued discussions with our esteemed colleagues across the country.


Intermed Partners has incredible "Start-up Summer" with WVU medical students, Marshall student.

Everyone at Intermed had a great time interacting with our incredible students this summer. 

We were lucky to have such smart and capable young people with insatiable work ethic. Our summer externs consisted of 4th year and 2nd year WVU medical students, and a sophomore in college who is attending Marshall Medical School BS/MD track.

Typically externs utilize the summer to explore research and clinical opportunities throughout the health system.  All of our students selected a project to join after a company wide orientation. Throughout the summer they worked on design, marketing, engineering, and research surrounding those devices with our experienced team. 

Projects covered a variety of surgical fields from 3D printing a finger for an amputee, designing and bench top testing of a new scar modulating device, to design and construction of a training model for hand surgery.


Students worked in the lab to build the product and design a study showing the effectiveness of the device.

Three papers were written and submitted for publication and/or podium presentation.

         3D Printed Hand Surgical Simulator for Resident Training

         Improved Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty Technique using the                       “Hip Lock” Leg Positioning System

        Tribocharged Silicone Dressing for Scar Modulation

Intermed Partners offers Summer Externship for WVU Medical Students

Intermed partners is pleased to offer our first summer externship for WVU medical students starting in 2019.


Typically externs utilize the summer to explore research and clinical opportunities throughout the health system.  


We believe that an early introduction to the device innovation process will serve as a spark for young minds to create new ideas and products. The opportunity is a grassroots effort to expose bright medical minds to areas they wouldn't necessarily be exposed to in medical school.


Students will learn about intellectual property, corporate structure,
product design and prototyping, while helping building cool products and companies.

Additionally the students will be encouraged to present at national meetings and publish research related to ongoing projects.


Intermed Partners presents Protolab creations at ASPS The Meeting in Chicago.

Intermed partners had a great weekend a the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Chicago.


Dr. McClellan gave a presentation to the main audience at the Tech Talk lunch and learn about the AlloX2 tissue expander. It was very well received and generated a number of questions.


Additionally Intermed Partners recent research was accepted for podium presentation on the Portfindr. 


Intermed Partners builds research team with young University doctors to Improve Breast Cancer Reconstruction.

Intermed partners continues to work toward improved Breast Reconstruction devices which will lead to better outcomes and improved quality of life for patients.


We are pleased to announce the formation of a research team composed of engineers, doctors, and medical students to explore new device performance. 


Having the ability to initiate and publish bench-top medical research early in the development process allows our team to improve functional designs and hopefully downstream outcomes. 


Dr. McClellan, who heads the team stated, "Having a research team start looking at the impact of any device, through a research lens, is critical to optimizing our designs. These new relationships are very important to take larger and quicker steps in medical device innovation."


Another benefit of the new relationship is the recruitment of younger medical staff into the sphere of innovation. Doctors in training are generally so focused on learning medicine that they often lack experience in building products. Planting the seed of innovation and showing young doctors how fun and rewarding growing ideas can be will hopefully lead to more successful inventors.

Intermed Partners successfully introduces two products at 2018 J.P. Morgan Health Conference in San Francisco.

The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium in the industry, bringing together industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators, and members of the investment community. 

Companies presenting run the gamut, from start-ups to those with more than $300 billion in market cap, and encompass the entire global healthcare landscape, including pharmaceutical firms, healthcare service providers, profit and not-for-profits, and medical device companies.


With over 10,000 people and 450 companies attending the conference it has become the place to be in the biotech space; and Intermed Partners was on the ground in San Francisco.


Our team successfully introduced two novel products, Serucell and Portfindr, to industry leaders. Both of these products represent significant advancement in their markets and have potential to be disruptive candidates.

Click here to learn more about our portfolio companies.

Intermed Partners launches ProtoLab in Partnership with Clearwater Technology Group.

Intermed Partners is very excited to announce the launch of our new Protolab in partnership with Clearwater Technologies. 


The Protolab was formed to help propel ideas and simple sketches to the proof of concept and prototype stages. Having capable, dedicated, and innovative biomedical engineering is crucial to the development of useful products. Prototypes developed here can be used to demonstrate ideas to investors, iterate simplicity, and help plan exit opportunities.


Located on the second floor, within the beautiful Blanchette-Rockefeller Building, the lab is situated in the heart of a blossoming start-up community. 


Our state of the art lab now has extensive capabilities to rapid prototype. Including multiple types of 3D printers, design studio, tensiometer, CAD design, in-house computer programing, and much more. 

The Protolab is staffed with engineers, C++ programer, designer, and physicians dedicated to improving patient care and driving value.

If you have an idea let Intermed take a look and see how we can help.

Intermed engineers design and print innovative dynamic sternum to assist in Flatwire training.

Intermed engineers are known to think outside the box to create innovative solutions to problems. Recent feedback from our Figure 8 Surgical sales force indicated a need for a better solution in order to educate our end user, Cardiothoracic Surgeons. 


Flatwire is a sternal closure device used following open heart surgery to securely repair the sternal halves. For more information see this Instructional Video for a demonstration. 

The issue that our sales team encountered was how to demonstrate the key elements of the closure with a stable and reproducible model which could highlight benefits of the system. Rep's wanted a dynamic model that allowed the surgeon to "feel" the tool to bringing the sternal halves together and to appreciate the stability that the Flatwire imparts on the sternum. The demo model had to be cheap, portable, easily secured to the table for stability, durable but repaired easily, and have mobile sternal halves.


The engineering team went to our ProtoLab and were able to deliver the first dynamic sternal model to the market. Using Intermed's new Form 2 SLA 3D printer the team created multiple innovative variants and was able to capture the benefits of each iteration into the final design. Upon design completion, these models were printed for every rep in the sales force and sent out accross the country. 


The sales team has already reported back from the field on the success of the dynamic model which has led to an increase in understanding, proficiency, and revenue. 

To learn more about Figure 8 Flatwire please visit the company website at


Intermed portfolio company, Serucell, set to launch innovative dual-cell skincare serum.

Keratinocyte Fibroblast Serum (KFS), is the remarkable ingredient that sets Serucell's breakthrough serum apart from every other skincare product on the market today.


The skin is driven by a vast network of cells continuously communicating in order to respond to environmental and biological factors.  Even after years of damage from pollutants, the sun, stress and the aging process our skin can still bounce back if the cells receive just the right signals.


Serucell's revolutionary serum is created with great care in a bioengineering lab, with KFS at the core of every bottle of Serum produced. Naturally synthesized and cultured from youthful cells, Serucell utilizes a breakthrough patent-pending process to generate and harvest the building blocks and biological components that are exhibited in youthful resilient skin. Precisely formulated and scientifically tested, Serucell's advanced KFS Serum has powerful and proven antioxidants and advanced moisturizing capabilities to help protect against free radicals while accelerating and amplifying the effects of KFS on your skin.

To learn more about Serucell please visit the company website at


ALLOX2 Featured at American Society of Plastic Surgery National Meeting in Orlando.

The Allox2 tissue expander was recently featured at at the largest plastic surgery meeting in the world. Currently marketed and sold by Sientra (SIEN) the Allox2 hit the market earlier in 2017.

The expander was featured on the cover of every major plastic surgery news outlet leading up to the meeting. There was significant advertising at the meeting as well with signs along all of the walkways into the facility. ASPS is the premier meeting each year where new products and research can be presented. The buzz surrounding the Sientra booth was amazing according to a plastic surgeons and industry executives. To learn more about the tissue expander and breast reconstruction see

Intermed adds Form 2 SLA 3D printer to our protolab. 

At Intermed we are constantly pressing our limits as creators and entrepreneurs. Quick iterations of ideas is crucial to the process of bringing a device to market as we learned with our 3D EpiPen Project. 3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing and rapid prototyping. To improve our in-house capabilities we have added the latest in 3D printing from Formlabs. Form 2 is the most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created. Industrial quality 3D printing made accessible, the Form 2 delivers high-resolution prints at a fraction of the cost. Check out the video below. We are very excited and have already started printing our next device prototype in the Q.

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