Too many great ideas are lost before development because of lack of resources, opportunity, or elbow grease. Do you have the time, money, vision, or Rolodex to make your idea a reality? 


Ann Miura-Ko, at Floodgate Ventures, calls a ninja assassin; a creative, fearless, nimble, and focused entrepreneur. 


Our philosophy is simple. You have a great idea/invention/medical device. We are the ninja assassin that will protect, hone, facilitate, and enable your vision. Intermed Partners invests with you, creates strategic partnerships, builds capital syndicates, and obsesses over delivering results. 



This above diagram represents the essential components necessary for a medical device inventor to become an entrepreneur and build a successful start-up company. 


A strong legal team is the vessel in which a start-up forms and is a critical cog in the wheel. Establishing proper corporate structure, negotiating contracts, IP protection, and assistance in raising capital are critical services. All law firms are not created equal and establishing value adding relationships with the right lawyer is invaluable.


Most physicians or academics are busy, averse to risk, or have no interest in building a company. As Glenn Prestwich, a medical chemist states, Getting an academic to turn their idea into a company is like getting a cat to jump into water. An accelerant, or fuel source, is essential for the innovator to become a fledgling start-up. This accelerator can drive the process for the innovator, perfect the pitch, and facilitate the agenda. 


A start-up needs access to good capital. As you may know, not all capital is good, equal, or even wanted. A start-up needs money from experienced groups that can provide guidance, build interstate capital syndicates, and help cultivate exit opportunities.


Finally you need to have access to quality engineers that can comprehend and improve your design; adding great value to the company. Building prototypes, addressing user interface issue, and adding to the IP portfolio are inherent qualities to medical device engineers.


At Intermed partners we can surround you with everything you need to start, run, fund, and develop a start-up company. Through our experience, contacts, and sheer determination we can supply medical inventors with  the necessary tools to succeed.

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