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Allox2 is the next generation,

FDA Cleared, tissue expander that is used for Breast Reconstruction. The Allox2 is disruptive due to the second port that allows external communication with the surrounding pocket. The surgeon is able to remove fluid, sample fluid and potentially inject fluid into the pocket space. Allox2 is now available throughout the US.

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Octopus Rib Fixation is a, patent pending, innovative non-operative solution to improve rib stability following trauma. Elderly patients who sustain blunt chest trauma have mortality and morbidity rates that are twice the corresponding rates prevalent among the younger population. See the impact of Rib Fractures in this Annals of Thoracic Medicine Article on Rib Fracture in Geriatric Patients .


In Phase 2 Development

Accessing subcutaneous injection ports can be challenging in obese patients or those following muscle flap surgery. Puncture of tissue expanders or inability to deliver medications through the port can cause significant morbidity.

Our software team is optimizing our patented solution to improve identification of subcutaneous ports. PortFindr will revolutionize how we access subcutaneous hardware. Here a video showing how current ports are located with out-dated magnets.

Figure 8

On Market

The Figure 8 FlatWire is an FDA cleared, simple, strong, and cost effective system. It was specifically developed to replace simple steel wire for primary sternal closure following open heart surgery. Figure 8 FlatWire combines the technical simplicity of wire cerclage with innate engineering to deliver superior multi-vector stability and ease of placement. Visit for more information.

On Market is a national educational site dedicated to hand surgery. Educational media has become more focused on excellent video content supplemented by evidenced based materials. With thousands of views a day Hand411 is becoming a go to site for those interested in learning more about the hand.

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On Market

Serucell is a newly develoed anti-aging cosmeceutical which has incredible potential. Our team pioneered a double cell layer matrix that grows both fibroblasts and keratinocytes. This symbiotic growth harnesses natural skin cell interactions and produces an array of natural bioactive compounds that significantly improve aged skin, wrinkles, and dischromia on the face. To purchase visit for more information.

Precision IPS


Facial injectables, like Botox, has become a $6 Billion per year industry. Treaments average more the $400. Improvements in portability and reproducibilty of results has lagged behind staggering growth. Precision IPS is a patent pending injection positioning system which will improve satisfaction and value for cosmetic consumers. 


In Development + BenchTop

The Global Scar Removal Treatment Market is expected to reach $15 billion by the end of 2022. Current OTC scar products are widely utilized to reduce scar thickness and pigmentation while increasing pliability. This new patented dressing  provides the optimal moisture retention, gas exchange, and pressure to reduce scar appearance and improve quality. The dressing recruits and aligns fibroblasts at the site of the wound. Our research was recently presented at the American College of Surgeons 2019 national meeting. See ScarChargr in the NEWS.


In Pilot Study

Reduced work hours and funding have fueled an increase in simulation-based training for surgery residency programs. certain simulation training can fail to enhance skills because of availability, cost, or low fidelity. There is a growing interest among training programs for a cost effective surgical simulator to improve basic skills and muscle memory of residents. We have developed H4nd3d to help trainees improve their proprioceptive and operative skills.

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