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Intermed engineers design and print innovative dynamic sternum to assist in Flatwire training.

Intermed engineers are known to think outside the box to create innovative solutions to problems. Recent feedback from our Figure 8 Surgical sales force indicated a need for a better solution in order to educate our end user, Cardiothoracic Surgeons. 

Flatwire is a sternal closure device used following open heart surgery to securely repair the sternal halves. For more information see this Instructional Video for a demonstration. 

​The issue that our sales team encountered was how to demonstrate the key elements of the closure with a stable and reproducible model which could highlight benefits of the system. Rep's wanted a dynamic model that allowed the surgeon to "feel" the tool to bringing the sternal halves together and to appreciate the stability that the Flatwire imparts on the sternum. The demo model had to be cheap, portable, easily secured to the table for stability, durable but repaired easily, and have mobile sternal halves.

The engineering team went to our ProtoLab and were able to deliver the first dynamic sternal model to the market. Using Intermed's new Form 2 SLA 3D printer the team created multiple innovative variants and was able to capture the benefits of each iteration into the final design. Upon design completion, these models were printed for every rep in the sales force and sent out accross the country. 

The sales team has already reported back from the field on the success of the dynamic model which has led to an increase in understanding, proficiency, and revenue. 

To learn more about Figure 8 Flatwire please visit the company website at www.figure8surgical.com

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