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Intermed Partners has exciting "Start-up Summer" with WVU medical students, Marshall student.

Everyone at Intermed had a great time interacting with our incredible students this summer. 

We were lucky to have such smart and capable young people with insatiable work ethic. Our summer externs consisted of 4th year and 2nd year WVU medical students, and a sophomore in college who is attending Marshall Medical School BS/MD track.

Typically externs utilize the summer to explore research and clinical opportunities throughout the health system.  All of our students selected a project to join after a company wide orientation. Throughout the summer they worked on design, marketing, engineering, and research surrounding those devices with our experienced team. 

Projects covered a variety of surgical fields from 3D printing a finger for an amputee, designing and bench top testing of a new scar modulating device, to design and construction of a training model for hand surgery.

Students worked in the lab to build the product and design a study showing the effectiveness of the device.

Three papers were written and submitted for publication and/or podium presentation.

         3D Printed Hand Surgical Simulator for Resident Training

         Improved Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty Technique using the                       “Hip Lock” Leg Positioning System

        Tribocharged Silicone Dressing for Scar Modulation

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